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The Best Car Gear

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Bring your car in to the 21st century with the latest in technology

When it comes to your car, the upgrade opportunities are endless. From the engine, all the way through to the interior, you can add features to your car to bring it up to the standard you desire. There are many products that can upgrade the technology in your car to bring it into the 21st century. A personalised dash fascia, or even adding portable car DVD players, can make every car ride you take an entertaining one. Check out the electronic gear we have to offer for your car.

  • Dash Fascia

  • In Car DVD Players

  • Car Safety Back Up Cameras

  • Engine Code Readers

Take a look at our choice of in car DVD players. We offer both headrest car dvd players, as well as portable car dvd players. The in car dvd players are simply installed in your front dash, replacing your exisintg radio and/or CD player.

Another great feature that you not only want to add to your car, but need to add to your car, is a rear view parking camera with a monitor. This is important for your safety, especially if you often have children in your vehicle.

We also offer other types of car safety features such as an engine code reader. This is great to have on the go, or on a long road trip, as emergencies come up when you least expect them. Be sure to check out the types of car engine code readers that we have, to see which one would best fit your car.