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Warranty & Returns


NewGenTronics Warranty Terms and Conditions


What if you change your mind about a product or you selected the wrong item?


What to Do Before Returning a Product if it is Suspected as Being Faulty.


This article is about the warranty on products you buy from

All of our products are covered by a 12 month Warranty.

NewGenTronics endeavours to choose the best quality products, the quality is guaranteed. All products are checked for perfect appearance and correct functionality by QC engineers. The packing teams check again to make sure that the right accessories are included and that the electrical/socket adapters are correct for your country.

Through our suppliers we have in place trusted and proven systems. Products are sourced based on quality as the key factor and checked via in-house full-time Quality Control Teams trained in strict testing policies, any that do not comply with the strict standards are rejected. Most batches of electronic products coming into the warehouse are tested one by one for function and appearance.

Returns under warranty are the exception to the rule. We have very low complaint/return rates. In any rare cases QC did not discover a problem, we solve RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) cases as quickly as possible to minimise your inconvenience.

NewGenTronics undertakes to communicate openly, promptly, and carefully with all customers in relation to issues with received goods.

If you are a customer with goods which appear to have a problem, please talk to us before initiating complaints with Paypal or your credit card provider. Usually there is a way for us to resolve your issue quickly and painlessly!

What Does NewGenTronics’s Warranty Imply?

NewGenTronics can only offer problem-solving for faulty products which either shipped in an unsatisfactory condition, or developed internal faults naturally during usage without issues of physical damage or unsupported usage. In other words if the product is broken you can contact us to send it back for a replacement (when under warranty).

Warranty Does Not Include:

The warranty does not include any kind of:
- Technical support on product installation and usability
- Advice about product's configuration or any software issues
- Recommendations about how to connect products or compatibility
- Software/OS updating or firmware flashing as it would void the product’s warranty
- Product issue diagnostic and troubleshooting advice

Other Exceptions to Standard Warranty

We do not offer warranty or support for products not bought from NewGenTronics.

The user voids the warranty if s/he flashes the firmware of a device, opens the body in an attempt to fix, or otherwise uses the device in a way that is not considered normal usage.

The warranty does not extend to free repair / replacement in cases due to damage to products, accidental breakage, misuse, or wear and tear. Signs of physical damage may cause us to refuse to provide free repair/replacement.

 - Accessories are not covered the same warranty that applies to the main product check here.

 - Internal rechargeable batteries are covered by the general battery warranty limitation check here.

 - Projector Lamps have a special condition applied due to the fact that lifetime depends on hours of use, check here.

Warranty By Default Covers Replacement or Repair

The NewGenTronics warranty means we will replace your item for free and send it back to you for free. Other compensation is not normally available if the product can be replaced promptly.

If an item is impossible to replace due to being superseded or discontinued and is still under warranty NewGenTronics will repair your faulty item for free and send it back to you for free wherever possible.

If an item is impossible to repair to a good working condition, or would take too long to do so, we will then offer you an equivalent product of the same value or give you store credit for the total value of the faulty product.

When Does The 12 Month Warranty Start From?

The warranty period begins from the receipt of the goods by you, our customer. The period is exactly 365 days from that time. For example, a product on the 365th day is covered, but a product on the 366th is no longer covered.

In the case of delivery methods or destinations which lack a confirmed delivery tracking date, we will take the assumption that the warranty period starts 30 days after we sent out your order.

Who Pays For What?

  • Cost of shipping a presumably faulty item back to NewGenTronics: For International customers, Paid by the customer; For Australian residents, free of charge (paid initially by customer then refunded).
  • Our QC engineers will test products you ship back and, if they confirm the products are indeed faulty, we will offer compensation (repair, replacement, credit or refund). However, for products that are tested and turn out to be in good working condition, NewGenTronics will not accept any responsibility and may charge a restocking fee at our own discretion. Functional products will not be reimbursed.
  • Cost of shipping repaired item back to customer: paid by NewGenTronics in full. In order to facilitate customs clearance, we will normally use Airmail and EMS if applicable to send back the repaired item to you.
  • If a product cannot be repaired: The original product price will be refunded in the form of credit in your account. You can use the credit towards a brand new replacement or a different product.
  • Any new import duty or sales tax for the consignee for the returned repaired products sent from NewGenTronics is their responsibility as per the usual policies.

In What Situations Are Returns/Compensation NOT Approved By NewGenTronics?

Below are instances where a customer will not be eligible for returns and/or compensation:
- Unapproved returns or returned products not processed through NewGenTronics’s RMA procedure;
- Products whose warranty period has expired;
- Received returned products that are damaged because of inadequate return packaging;
- Products that were originally approved for return through our RMA procedure but have been confirmed by our QC engineers to be not broken and actually well-functioning after testing, shall not be returned to the buyer, unless the buyer pays return shipping;
- Physically damaged or broken products caused by misuse or mishandling, subjects to manufacture technical test result;
- Products bought by mistake.

The customer is solely responsible for choosing the right product, including for example

  • The "correct" desired memory capacity
  • The "right " feature or product or compatibility
  • Colour
  • Screen size
  • Touchscreen type
  • Digital TV format( DVB-T/ATSC/ISDB-T )
  • GSM band
  • NTSC/PAL colour region
  • Software version

We will send you exactly what you order, so please read descriptions carefully before purchasing.

If the consignee of a delivery refuses or fails to accept delivery for any reason, including refusal to comply with customs clearance/costs or simply having an incorrect address, NewGenTronics accepts no liability and the customer will not be eligible for compensation.


Exceptions to Standard Warranty

If an accessory is broken

"My Product's Cable / Earphones / Stylus / Power adapter / Any non-main item Is Broken"

The accessories that come with your product are not covered by the same warranty that applies to the main product. This means that if the device arrives faulty, or develops a hardware fault that is not related to normal wear and tear, you can contact us to request a replacement.

Because accessories are typically small and cheap...

It is usually faster and not very expensive to buy replacement cable / earphone / stylus from your local electronics shop, instead of waiting for it to be sent from us.

You may also find the accessory on our website if it is available.

Some accessories items we may not stock in advance, hence they will need to be ordered separately by us. Once we get your order payment we will immediately purchase accessories for you from our partners and then send them out to you.


If your product's battery is faulty

Warranty Limitation on Batteries

The lifetime of a battery depends heavily on:

  • how often you've used the device;
  • your charging habits;
  • how full or empty the battery has been and how many times;
  • environmental influences such as heat and humidity.
  • leaving them completely drained for a long period of time.

All NewGenTronics products have the batteries tested and confirmed OK when entering our warehouse stock, and we ensure proper stock turnover so no products are expired when we send them out.

When you receive your items, charge the batteries fully before use, as we do not pre-charge the batteries for you on all items.

For the "usage affects lifetime" reasons mentioned above, it is virtually impossible for us to tell if a battery is "faulty", or just simply "naturally worn out" by your own use.

Therefore the general 12 month product warranty from NewGenTronics does NOT apply to rechargeable batteries.

Please note our policy as follows:

Your product batteries are covered against faults for the first 30 days from the time you receive your goods only. Within this time if there is a fault we will assist you with replacing the faulty items. Normally this will be via a special delivery of the new batteries.

If, within this 30-day limited warranty period, the batteries will not recharge, or appear to drain too fast, contact us with your order number and the product code, and we will give you information about what levels it should be functioning at and confirm if it is faulty and can be replaced.

(We reserve the right NOT to make a special delivery in rare situations that the delivery conditions in your destination, or prevailing exit (from our overseas warehouses) Customs practices, prevent or restrict us from shipping battery- only parcels. In such cases we will still send the batteries free, but it would have to be together with an order of larger items.)

Outside this limited warranty period, customers are requested to pay for deliveries of spare batteries. In such a case, contact us and we will tell you how much you need to pay, as these items are not listed on our website.


Projector Lamp Bulbs Guarantee

Guarantee on Projector Lamp Bulbs

We can offer a 1 month guarantee on the bulbs shipped with NewGenTronics Projectors.

This shorter guarantee period is because the lifetime of the bulb depends on the user's usage and treatment of the device. Please check each product description for estimated lifetime usage hours.

If your projector bulb fails during the guarantee period, we will send you a new one free (over USD17 value). You will need to cover only the cost of shipping (around USD7.00) and employ professionals to install the replacement bulb.


What if you change your mind about a product or you selected the wrong item?

If you change your mind about a purchase or make an incorrect choice and notify us within 7 days of receiving delivery, we may provide you with a store credit for unopened products, once the product has been returned to us and assessed.

The criterion for the Change of Mind Policy is outlined below:

  • You are required to have registered an account with NewGenTronics via the website.
  •  The product must be in an unopened, unused condition suitable for resale.
  •  The store credit will be for the purchase price of the product as paid at the date of invoice.
  •  Return costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.
  •  Risk of loss or damage to the product will not be assumed by NewGenTronics until the product has been received by us.

The Change of Mind policy does not apply to the following exclusions;

  • End of Life discounted products

(Consumer Guarantees still apply to all products including those excluded under this policy.)

You may lodge a self-service claim for a change of mind return. Please ensure you are logged in to your NewGenTronics account and submit a support ticket and confirm the item has not been opened and/or used.

Once your return claim is approved, you will be issued with a Return Authorisation (RA). Please note that Products received at our warehouse without an RA cannot be accepted. The RA number issued is to be quoted in all relevant correspondence and clearly marked on the return packaging.

Important Note:  If a returned product does not meet the policy criterion stated above (i.e. unused, unopened and in suitable condition for resale) the claim will be rejected and the product returned to you at your cost.

In the event your claim has not been accepted and you have not opted to pay the return postage within 30 days of being notified of the failed claim under this policy, the product will no longer be available to be reclaimed.


What to Do Before Returning a Product if it is Suspected as Being Faulty.

If your product has a problem please follow the steps below to determine if it is faulty before returning the product.

NewGenTronics products have undergone the strictest Quality Control.

We do not just take our manufacturer's word for their own quality control processes, NewGenTronics have at our disposal a team of qualified technicians who are dedicated to confirming the products are correct, in perfect condition, and working perfectly.

Unfortunately though, sometimes things can go wrong... that's why we back all our products with our industry leading 12-month warranty (See above for full Warranty information).

If the product you bought from is confirmed to have a problem, we will replace your faulty item with a new one, same for same and free of charge. If the model has been superseded or discontinued the faulty item will be repaired wherever possible and returned to you, all for free. It's just a matter of sending your faulty product to us and we will immediately arrange a replacement or repair. If the product is not repairable, we will offer you an equivalent product of the same value or give you store credit for the total value of the faulty product.

In most cases (for Australian residents only) we will refund you the cost of returning the item for a warranty claim. If the item has been returned for a warranty claim and is not faulty, you as the customer will be responsible for the postage costs.


In the event of a warranty claim, prior to returning a faulty product, please follow these 3 simple steps below to ensure the product falls under our warranty policy.

Step 1

Try to troubleshoot the item by checking the manual provided with the product. In many cases a problem with the product can be solved by restarting, proper installation, or fixing an accessory. You may also submit a Support Ticket via the website for assistance. We will endeavour to help you wherever possible.

Step 2

If you still have difficulties with your item especially for complicated products such as Car DVD Players, GPS, fingerprint or Security Camera Systems we recommend that you have the product installed or inspected by a qualified technician to confirm whether it is actually faulty rather than incorrectly installed.

Step 3

Once you have followed step 1 and 2 and confirmed the product is faulty please Contact us via Support Ticket. Provide your order number and the product code and all the steps you have tried to remedy this issue. We will then review your case for return under warranty.

Remember, you are covered by our 12 month warranty.

So if under the warranty period the product is deemed to have failed, simply return the product to us for an immediate replacement.


If the item has been broken accidentally by misuse, or the use of the item has not complied with the manufacturer’s instructions, or has been damaged by user intervention, the product cannot be covered under the NewGenTronics's warranty.

Exclusive to the above misuse, if the product is out of warranty and is faulty there are a few options as per below;

1) Contact us to arrange repair by returning the product back to us. In that case since the item is now out of warranty, you will have to cover the shipping fees to send the product back to us, the repair fee and the shipping fees back to you.

2) Have your item repaired locally.

3) Purchase another product on

4) In certain extenuating circumstances, i.e. if the item is proven to be a manufacturing fault and is just outside the warranty period (i.e. within one month of the warranty expiration date), it may also be possible to replace the faulty item, depending on the individual case, for an item of the same value, or offer a store credit for the invoice price at time of purchase, either wholly or partially. Any shipping fees will have to be covered by you the customer.